Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Text or Not?

I was thinking back when I was a young girl and it's funny but I have no memory of a phone in my house! I'm sure we had one, but seriously I do not have a single image of anyone in my family being on the phone! Then I move forward in time to my early elementary days and still no memory of using the phone.  If I wanted to play with my best friend down the block, I walked to her house, knocked on the door and ask "Can Sandra play?"

Now push forward to Jr. High... now I have some mental images come to mind! I see meself on the phone and my mother coming in shouting "That's enough, get off."  I don't think we even had call waiting.
Next came the pager, gosh I envied anyone with a pager! I wanted one, but my mom would say "Esta's loca!" she thought I was crazy for thinking I needed one. By this point our home phones were updated with call waiting, forward calls, block calls, and ID calling.  This made it easier to ignore a call from aunt Sally or avoid the collectors! Then came the portable cell phones, remember the huge ones that came in a big bag.  Not many households owned these because they were very expensive.  Then the imaginable happened, cells phones were made affordable for all!!! Not only were they affordable but smaller! At this time it was mainly the ADULTS in the household who would use the phones.

Now this is the point in time where I think something went wrong in this world.  Because from this point on I remember the economy not being in the greatest shape, but yet families were buying cells phones for everyone in the household...even children! The issues of kids bringing phones to school started to arise everywhere.  Kids were given more freedom now, after all "They'll be safe, they have their phones just in case..."   So at this point Tommy could call dad and say I'm here at the party at Bob's house, when in fact he was at the beach with other friends.  Yep, the fun has begun.
Now of course comes texting. Ugh, I really don't like to text, just let you know that up front.  So now kids don't even call parents, it's just a text saying "running late" or some other quick two worded phrase. I don't know about you but when my child calls me on the phone to explain a situation or ask for permission to do or go somewhere, I can tell by her tone of voice if she's being straight with me. This can't be done by text.

When texting people use different abbreviations as much as possible. So it's no wonder that your kids aren't passing English because let's face it, texting causes a butchering of language!
Yes texting has it's pro's and con's. If your meeting your best-friend who just had a baby for dinner at her house, you can text her "do you need anything?" and it so happened that when she received this text she was placing her baby down for a nap.  If you had called, the ring could have woken the baby.  Instead she places the baby down, checks the text and replies "No, bring just yourself."  So it worked out for both.
BUT, for others, it seems that when they text you, they believe you should be available at all times, day or night to answer that text at that moment.  Not to mention that when you text and use text lingo, many people misinterpret the meaning.  Many have stated they feel rejected, avoided because of misunderstanding the TONE of the text. Their is a difference when you take the time to call a person on the phone and say "Hi, how have you been?" vs texting "How ya been?"  On a phone conversation you both can converse and discuss the on goings in your life, both hearing the tones of voice and sincerity in the conversation.  By text you can't really discuss clearly.  So your friend might just text back "Doing fine" and you reply "great to hear, talk soon" you really think this friendship will flourish?  I'm sure her friend probably thought, she had no time to call so why would I try to text all the hardship I'm facing now by text!

I don't know maybe I'm being too dramatic, but I feel that our nation has lost a lot of it's communication needs.  I sometimes leave my cell at home and tell my girls "You know where I work, you know the number" otherwise kids tend to text parents all day while at work!!! So not to mention the nation having a lack of communication, the work ethics have gone down also due to texting!
I've even seen girls get excited because they were asked on a date by TEXT! Really? Wow, that is a promising relationship with great communication...please!
Fine, I'm done, I could go on and on but unfortunately someone is banging up my phone with texts!!!!
Ugh it best not be YOU!!!!!

Have a great day....Bernice

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OMG, I am just like my MOM!!!

I clearly remember all the little things my mother would do that irritated me so much! My eyes would roll up into my head when I'd see her do crazy things, things I swore I would never do! For example, my mom would buy plastic cups for gathering, but after the guest left, she would wash the cups!!! "Por que?" I would ask her. Why would you buy plastic cups and then wash them afterwards, makes no sense.  Her reply, to use them again, they are still good! Um, I buy them because I don't want to wash all those dishes.  Oh, and you know the big plastic zip lock bags to store food, I would nearly bite my tongue off when I would walk up to the kitchen sink, she had the habit of washing some and draping them over the hand soap dispenser to dry!!! I know the baggies you use for some dry food products can probably be reused, but for some reason just the look of them just draped over the hand soap drove me nuts!!!

It's funny how as teenagers or young adults we actually think our mothers are, um...weird! We rolled our eyes, nodded our heads as they told us endless stories of "How it was in their time," and yet a lot of us grow up to be exactly like our mothers. If you come to my house, sorry to inform you, but you might just be drinking out of a plastic cup that I rewashed! And yes, I do save the plastic baggies that once kept my dry cereal or leftover cookies. 
It's actually great that I inherited a lot of great qualities from my mother, even the silly tactics she used around the house. Somethings I do differently, some I just totally disagree and refuse to do!  
My daughters constantly remind me that I have become my mother.  In good ways and also in ways they'll never understand until they themselves become me.   


Graduating Seasons

My youngest daughter will be graduating this year. It's funny how many feel that when you graduate from high school, life begins. Of course once you graduate college you feel, finally life can begin. And when you land that job you've been dreaming about, we think, "Now I can begin my life."
And then as we reach certain milestones or encounter detours in life, we think, "Today I begin my new life!"

As my daughter flips through the local college catalog, she looks up at me with excitement and yet fear. She asks, "Mom, give me advice so that I can make the right choices. When does my life really begin?"
I smiled and replied "It begins over and over at different times of your life."

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastics 3:1, NLT)

This verse states that there is a "season" or "time" for everything that is part of human life.

As my daughter begins her steps towards beginning her grown up life, I reflect on mine. Has my life been the example that I hope will help her in making choices for her future? Has she noticed that when I failed, I tried my hardest to stand back up? Have I shown her that I learned from my mistakes? Did she witness me forgive and forget? When I walked across the stage to receive my degree, did she realize that I had to give up a lot to get ahead? Does she know that It's alright to say no? Has she seen me give and not expect? Can she see that I do not follow, but try to lead?

Can she see that I don't know everything, but want to learn as much as I can? Has she seen me deal with consequences for my past choices? Has she noticed when I give up the front seat to anyone older than I? Has she noticed that when I was shy, it meant I was going to be last? Did she hear me speak up for what was right? Has she seen me defend those that need defending? Have I shown her my pride, in my freedom to vote?

Does she know that I fear God?

I hope that my daughter lets God lead her life, and that my life lessons can somehow be her guide to a better life for her.

Today I begin my new life, as a better person, mother, sister, friend and teacher. I guess it's my season to help her season be the best that God can provide....
Congratulations to all the Seniors!

~ Bernice S. Rubio

Monday, July 11, 2011

Empty Cupboards

If your married and have children, I can bet your cupboards are full of snacks and food. The fridge always has your husband's favorite ice cream, the cookie jar always has cookies in it. I guess that is why I like visiting my friend Jana. The moment I walk in the door I'm entertained! Something is always going on. Jana always tells me "We've got to get away and have lunch so we can actually talk!"
Jana doesn't seem to understand I rather enjoy all the dismay.

Being single, whether with children or not, our cupboards just aren't the same. For one most single households have to live on a strict budget, that's why we enjoy visiting the two income homes, they got all the good stuff!

Think about this, how many times have you been invited to eat at your "single" friends home, and as soon as she/he finishes with the invite you counter with "Why don't you come over to my house instead?"

It's a nice gesture, but don't you get it? Just like you love to show off your hospitality and get show off those pretty curtains you found on sale at Macy's, and share the sweet smell of baked would they.

Sometimes I think we can actually compare our lives to our cupboards. Some are full and some are missing certain items. I believe being single is a blessing God has shared with us for a reason. Whether we have children or not, God has placed us in these situation because he has a plan, a grocery list with items that we must go out and look for, pay a price for, bag them ourselves and bring them home to our cupboards to make it complete and full.

Yes, your married friends cupboards always seem to have something ready at hand to share with you when you visit. But even with the cupboards full, there's always some items missing when they need it.

I love visiting my married and single friends. Whether it's steak & potatoes at one house and tuna sandwiches & chips at another. Whether we dine at the big dining table or out in the small patio bistro set. It's the company and sharing of life experiences that makes the memories.

The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there is an appointed time for beware my single friends! Your cupboards could go from empty to full without any warning!

Oh, and before I let you go now to open your cupboard to see what's missing, who do you think would serve you the steak & potatoes for lunch?
Please, when would your married friends find time to whip that up for lunch?!!!

May God bless all the cupboards of the world!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

Sigh, February is just around the corner. For many it's their favorite month because of Valentine's Day, but for those that are unmarried or not in a relationship, its the dreaded month of pink & red!

I can still recall being in elementary school and Valentine's was our favorite month. We'd get to decorate our shoe box and we had no worries about not receiving any valentines because everyone got some. You had too, your mom made sure you bought for every single name on your class list!!!.

Then Junior High became little more difficult, at this age peer pressure can make or break your self esteem.  This is the age when everyone knew if you were in the popular group, you'd receive a candy gram or the ever popular ID bracelet from a boyfriend. But none the less I knew with my Mother's Christian beliefs that me having a boyfriend was nonexistent. I can still recall how me and my closest girlfriends would buy small tokens for each other and labeling it "From your Secret Admirer"......that kept others wondering and of course made us feel cool, or was the word "hip"?

In High School and College we began to have minds of our own. It was just plain & simple if your dating you receive, if not you didn't....but for some reason, as I remember it didn't matter as much during this age group. At least not for me. 

And now we're all grown up, some of us are single, divorced and alone. It's not like in grade school when your name appeared on a list and you were guaranteed to receive something.  But what we forget is that Valentine's Day isn't just for couples, its a day to show the special people in your life that you care and love them. For many of us our kids have made this day special by giving us a small heart of candy or a colored picture saying "I love you" our name is always on the top of the list with them.

So this Valentine's Day remember it is OK to call your single buddies and invite them to dinner or a movie or even buy your friends a special card or gift. Then again it's just fine to curl up on the sofa with a good book all alone, because we really aren't alone...

Remember the song "Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so.........."

What greater gift then this.....

The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it~

1 Thes. 5:24

Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The remote of my life in 2010

During this Holiday season we begin to rewind our memories and reflect on what this year brought to our life. Our mind works almost like a TV remote as we scan the scenes of our life, some that brought us joy and other scenes of pain & grief. As I scan my memories, at some points I put that scene on pause and reflect, what could I have done different here? Why did this happen to me? Some scenes I just want to push forward because they are too painful to even recall. But even so I owe God a “Thank You” because he allowed me the pleasure of all these experiences for a reason.

I begin to deliberate on the areas of my life that need editing, and more production. I had so much on my “to do” list, and I can’t help but agonize over tasks that I did not accomplish. God gives us so many opportunities in life and I feel like I procrastinate so much!

Proverbs 14:23 In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty
I want 2011 to be filled with more purposeful events. I want to make not only my goals a reality, but also of those around me. I want God to be the movie director of my life. I want him to help me produce a eventful life. I want to get up and meet deadlines, produce Grammy award memories. I’m tired of wasting time, my time and that of my family and friends. Think about it, in all labor there is profit, this doesn’t mean just money, it means success in your job, or relationship,or reaching a goal, labor is the action we commit to make the profit (goal) a success. God says it clearly…..mere talk leads only to poverty, which could mean your deepest fear.
 Going through my remote of life, I can hear also the words and wisdom passed on to me from loved ones that are not with me. To make their life more memorable I know that I need to focus on the present and move forward in making the best of my life.

Thank you God for the year 2010, for all the happy times, the sad times. I’m blessed that even though many times I didn't do a lot of things with a very purposeful meaning, you still allowed me to make those choices. You allowed me to make mistakes that have meaning to my future. You tested me many times to see my faithfulness, you picked me up tons of times when I was down. Thank you for the family I have, the friends you’ve put in my life and even for the people you’ve taken from me. In advance I want to thank you for the achievements of my upcoming year.