Friday, August 20, 2010

Picket House regrets?

Some of us can think back to when we were young girls.  We had visions of growing up, having that nice brick house on the corner, you know the one with the cute picket fence?  We planned on getting married to the nicest guy ever and have about three wonderful kids.  Our husband would have a great job, we'd be educated and have the option to stay at home or work.  But for some this never came true.  For others it may have not been the exact plan, but they came close.  So do we have any regrets? Do we feel sorry for ourselves as we pass that house on the corner that was suppose to be ours?

How about those that married but somehow in this hectic world we live in, now find themselves divorced and alone.  Maybe they were just a few steps away from that corner brick house, but now it will never be possible.  Now many of you may say "What? Your saying that is never possible? I disagree!!" you may even quote me saying "With God everything is possible Bernice, how can you say that?" 
Because I'm very realistic, for some it is possible for some it's not.  We as humans want a lot of materialistic objects, house, car...the perfect mate.  And yes everything is possible through GOD...if he thinks its what we need.  Image everyone is the world having everything they wanted? Look around, it's not going to happen unless it's Gods will.  I live in a small, cozy, cute frame house.  I dreamt of that corner brick house, perfect husband and standing by the picket fence talking to the neighbors.  Did I get the corner brick house, no...God gave me the second house to the corner.  Did he give me the perfect husband, at one time he was, but now he's back to being my perfect friend, as maybe he was meant to be and I have the kids and great neighbors.
I'm realistic, I'm 50 with a mortgage about to be paid off in five years.  Does God want me to purchase that corner brick house on my own? I don't think so, he might in a year or two, or perhaps not.  Do I have regrets as I drive by that house and come to the realization that it may never be mine.  Sometimes.  But then I think of how blessed I've been, how God has granted me the wisdom to be a single parent for over 20 years and be near the end of a mortgage.  God told me the other day "Bernice hire a brick layer and make your house brick if you want"........I smiled and thought "How house is perfect as it is, after all it's what God provided for me.

I'm educated, have the kids, the house and as for the mate......well remember this verse:

  "Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.

I will make a helper who is just right for him.”"

Genesis 2:18 (NLT)
If we are alone, it's just that, God has not found the one that is just right for us.  Adam trusted God's choice and we should also trust his decision for what he allows us to have.
Blessing to all,

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