Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The remote of my life in 2010

During this Holiday season we begin to rewind our memories and reflect on what this year brought to our life. Our mind works almost like a TV remote as we scan the scenes of our life, some that brought us joy and other scenes of pain & grief. As I scan my memories, at some points I put that scene on pause and reflect, what could I have done different here? Why did this happen to me? Some scenes I just want to push forward because they are too painful to even recall. But even so I owe God a “Thank You” because he allowed me the pleasure of all these experiences for a reason.

I begin to deliberate on the areas of my life that need editing, and more production. I had so much on my “to do” list, and I can’t help but agonize over tasks that I did not accomplish. God gives us so many opportunities in life and I feel like I procrastinate so much!

Proverbs 14:23 In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty
I want 2011 to be filled with more purposeful events. I want to make not only my goals a reality, but also of those around me. I want God to be the movie director of my life. I want him to help me produce a eventful life. I want to get up and meet deadlines, produce Grammy award memories. I’m tired of wasting time, my time and that of my family and friends. Think about it, in all labor there is profit, this doesn’t mean just money, it means success in your job, or relationship,or reaching a goal, labor is the action we commit to make the profit (goal) a success. God says it clearly…..mere talk leads only to poverty, which could mean your deepest fear.
 Going through my remote of life, I can hear also the words and wisdom passed on to me from loved ones that are not with me. To make their life more memorable I know that I need to focus on the present and move forward in making the best of my life.

Thank you God for the year 2010, for all the happy times, the sad times. I’m blessed that even though many times I didn't do a lot of things with a very purposeful meaning, you still allowed me to make those choices. You allowed me to make mistakes that have meaning to my future. You tested me many times to see my faithfulness, you picked me up tons of times when I was down. Thank you for the family I have, the friends you’ve put in my life and even for the people you’ve taken from me. In advance I want to thank you for the achievements of my upcoming year.

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