Monday, July 11, 2011

Empty Cupboards

If your married and have children, I can bet your cupboards are full of snacks and food. The fridge always has your husband's favorite ice cream, the cookie jar always has cookies in it. I guess that is why I like visiting my friend Jana. The moment I walk in the door I'm entertained! Something is always going on. Jana always tells me "We've got to get away and have lunch so we can actually talk!"
Jana doesn't seem to understand I rather enjoy all the dismay.

Being single, whether with children or not, our cupboards just aren't the same. For one most single households have to live on a strict budget, that's why we enjoy visiting the two income homes, they got all the good stuff!

Think about this, how many times have you been invited to eat at your "single" friends home, and as soon as she/he finishes with the invite you counter with "Why don't you come over to my house instead?"

It's a nice gesture, but don't you get it? Just like you love to show off your hospitality and get show off those pretty curtains you found on sale at Macy's, and share the sweet smell of baked would they.

Sometimes I think we can actually compare our lives to our cupboards. Some are full and some are missing certain items. I believe being single is a blessing God has shared with us for a reason. Whether we have children or not, God has placed us in these situation because he has a plan, a grocery list with items that we must go out and look for, pay a price for, bag them ourselves and bring them home to our cupboards to make it complete and full.

Yes, your married friends cupboards always seem to have something ready at hand to share with you when you visit. But even with the cupboards full, there's always some items missing when they need it.

I love visiting my married and single friends. Whether it's steak & potatoes at one house and tuna sandwiches & chips at another. Whether we dine at the big dining table or out in the small patio bistro set. It's the company and sharing of life experiences that makes the memories.

The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that there is an appointed time for beware my single friends! Your cupboards could go from empty to full without any warning!

Oh, and before I let you go now to open your cupboard to see what's missing, who do you think would serve you the steak & potatoes for lunch?
Please, when would your married friends find time to whip that up for lunch?!!!

May God bless all the cupboards of the world!


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