Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OMG, I am just like my MOM!!!

I clearly remember all the little things my mother would do that irritated me so much! My eyes would roll up into my head when I'd see her do crazy things, things I swore I would never do! For example, my mom would buy plastic cups for gathering, but after the guest left, she would wash the cups!!! "Por que?" I would ask her. Why would you buy plastic cups and then wash them afterwards, makes no sense.  Her reply, to use them again, they are still good! Um, I buy them because I don't want to wash all those dishes.  Oh, and you know the big plastic zip lock bags to store food, I would nearly bite my tongue off when I would walk up to the kitchen sink, she had the habit of washing some and draping them over the hand soap dispenser to dry!!! I know the baggies you use for some dry food products can probably be reused, but for some reason just the look of them just draped over the hand soap drove me nuts!!!

It's funny how as teenagers or young adults we actually think our mothers are, um...weird! We rolled our eyes, nodded our heads as they told us endless stories of "How it was in their time," and yet a lot of us grow up to be exactly like our mothers. If you come to my house, sorry to inform you, but you might just be drinking out of a plastic cup that I rewashed! And yes, I do save the plastic baggies that once kept my dry cereal or leftover cookies. 
It's actually great that I inherited a lot of great qualities from my mother, even the silly tactics she used around the house. Somethings I do differently, some I just totally disagree and refuse to do!  
My daughters constantly remind me that I have become my mother.  In good ways and also in ways they'll never understand until they themselves become me.   


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