Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Text or Not?

I was thinking back when I was a young girl and it's funny but I have no memory of a phone in my house! I'm sure we had one, but seriously I do not have a single image of anyone in my family being on the phone! Then I move forward in time to my early elementary days and still no memory of using the phone.  If I wanted to play with my best friend down the block, I walked to her house, knocked on the door and ask "Can Sandra play?"

Now push forward to Jr. High... now I have some mental images come to mind! I see meself on the phone and my mother coming in shouting "That's enough, get off."  I don't think we even had call waiting.
Next came the pager, gosh I envied anyone with a pager! I wanted one, but my mom would say "Esta's loca!" she thought I was crazy for thinking I needed one. By this point our home phones were updated with call waiting, forward calls, block calls, and ID calling.  This made it easier to ignore a call from aunt Sally or avoid the collectors! Then came the portable cell phones, remember the huge ones that came in a big bag.  Not many households owned these because they were very expensive.  Then the imaginable happened, cells phones were made affordable for all!!! Not only were they affordable but smaller! At this time it was mainly the ADULTS in the household who would use the phones.

Now this is the point in time where I think something went wrong in this world.  Because from this point on I remember the economy not being in the greatest shape, but yet families were buying cells phones for everyone in the household...even children! The issues of kids bringing phones to school started to arise everywhere.  Kids were given more freedom now, after all "They'll be safe, they have their phones just in case..."   So at this point Tommy could call dad and say I'm here at the party at Bob's house, when in fact he was at the beach with other friends.  Yep, the fun has begun.
Now of course comes texting. Ugh, I really don't like to text, just let you know that up front.  So now kids don't even call parents, it's just a text saying "running late" or some other quick two worded phrase. I don't know about you but when my child calls me on the phone to explain a situation or ask for permission to do or go somewhere, I can tell by her tone of voice if she's being straight with me. This can't be done by text.

When texting people use different abbreviations as much as possible. So it's no wonder that your kids aren't passing English because let's face it, texting causes a butchering of language!
Yes texting has it's pro's and con's. If your meeting your best-friend who just had a baby for dinner at her house, you can text her "do you need anything?" and it so happened that when she received this text she was placing her baby down for a nap.  If you had called, the ring could have woken the baby.  Instead she places the baby down, checks the text and replies "No, bring just yourself."  So it worked out for both.
BUT, for others, it seems that when they text you, they believe you should be available at all times, day or night to answer that text at that moment.  Not to mention that when you text and use text lingo, many people misinterpret the meaning.  Many have stated they feel rejected, avoided because of misunderstanding the TONE of the text. Their is a difference when you take the time to call a person on the phone and say "Hi, how have you been?" vs texting "How ya been?"  On a phone conversation you both can converse and discuss the on goings in your life, both hearing the tones of voice and sincerity in the conversation.  By text you can't really discuss clearly.  So your friend might just text back "Doing fine" and you reply "great to hear, talk soon" you really think this friendship will flourish?  I'm sure her friend probably thought, she had no time to call so why would I try to text all the hardship I'm facing now by text!

I don't know maybe I'm being too dramatic, but I feel that our nation has lost a lot of it's communication needs.  I sometimes leave my cell at home and tell my girls "You know where I work, you know the number" otherwise kids tend to text parents all day while at work!!! So not to mention the nation having a lack of communication, the work ethics have gone down also due to texting!
I've even seen girls get excited because they were asked on a date by TEXT! Really? Wow, that is a promising relationship with great communication...please!
Fine, I'm done, I could go on and on but unfortunately someone is banging up my phone with texts!!!!
Ugh it best not be YOU!!!!!

Have a great day....Bernice

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  1. Love this girl! Texting for dates cracks me up. Maybe there's less fear of rejection that way. :) Cell phones weren't even around when I was dating. LOL